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Design for the future

We craft beautiful websites with digital content that flows seamlessly across all platforms ensuring it is responsive, flexible and unique to your business. We keep ourselves at the forefront of emerging design trends and tools, which means we can offer you the latest visual solutions.

Almost 85% of global internet traffic is mobile. Mobile-friendly websites ensure that you don't lose out on traffic and sales. Your digital identity and brand image needs special care. Let us help transform your business.

Bespoke development

At Serendipity Sales Solutions the passion we have for good design can be seen in every aspect of our work. We are forward thinking and have the expertise from working with a diverse range of clients from a wide array of industries. We work to ensure that every site we build is a winning combination of technical expertise, creative thinking and excellent design needed to be successful. Our designs include great functionality and features that provide excellent user experience.

Additonal Services

Hosting & Support

For every website build, we provide a safe reliable backup of the entire site. Our web hosting platforms offer speed and reliability. SSL certificates are available so that your website is vouched for by a trusted Certificate Authority. Easy transfer of your website to our hosting.


Let us manage the whole process for you from advice on domain purchase, to setup of a new domain address or transfer your current domain to our hosting. We like to use (dot).bm domains for local business, and other extensions. We can even manage the process on your behalf.

Your business online

Discover how customers find and interact with your business through insights and reports. Your online business information can help your customers find you. We use tools such as Google My Business, Analytics and Serendipity reports to manage and maintain your online presence.


To keep you accessible to new customers, we provide bespoke search engine optimisation for your website and social media platforms. Improve your local search ranking with good optimsed content, reviews, Google My Business and through social media.

Chatbots (AI)

At Serendipity Sales Solutions we provide AI chatbots and virtual assistants, also known as “conversational agents”. Via web-based applications or standalone apps, we can integrate your chatbot to provide online customer support. Able to give accurate answers to questions about a certain product or service, the two new AI for web technologies: * AI learns by itself * AI builds AI, are an impressive tool for any business ... Find Out More

Customer centric


Beautifully designed and technically sound, our goal is to create and develop websites that excel on both fronts. We use our technical and creative knowledge in design and usability to ensure that your website offers a faultless user experience to customers.


We are proficient in the latest technologies using bootstrap, dreamweaver and other applications. From e-commerce to bespoke designs we add the latest features and functionality. Through our creative design and usability, we give your customers great reasons to explore your web pages for longer.

Mobile Friendly

Using tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, on the go users look to access online information. Our mobile-friendly websites are developed to be responsive and compatible with mobile platforms ensuring searchers can easily find your company anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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