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Why do visitors leave your website without making enquiries?

Product search

How do customers find the products and services you offer?


Are you struggling with shopping cart abandonment?


Can you answer customer questions on your website 24/7?

Customer service

Can your customers find what they want? Only 44% of eCommerce users reach a product page whilst 30% of users use store search. With a personal virtual assistant to help users find information on products and services in an easy, quick and fun way, your visitors will get a great service.

Increase page views
Reduce website exits.
Gather enquiries and leads.

Increase Online Sales

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is around 70%. Only 34% of online stores have an abandoned cart recovery feature. Our Virtual Assistant chatbot prevents cart abandonment and recovers abandonment with proven techniques.

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Turn visitors into buyers
Interact with shoppers
Increase product sales

Get more done with A.I.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots and Virtual Assistants for your website, also known as “conversational agents”, will impress your customers by engaging them in lots of useful ways. We include industry specific FAQ's to help provide excellent customer support which positively impacts your visitor's user experience.

How does it work?

The virtual assistant built for mobile and all devices, uses A.I. technology to mimic written or spoken human speech for the purpose of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person.

Featured with a fully automated machine learning system, this enables the chatbot to learn from given websites. Custom name, voice and visual avatar is designed to do all the work for you.

Give your website a boost

What is your AVO?

The average order value will vary depending upon the product or service you sell. The chatbot helps to increase AVO and sales leads by using proven sales tactics including upselling, cross selling and incentive offers.
Improve customer relations
Increase average order value
Personalised customer service

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Instant answers 24/7

44% of consumers say instant answers are important. Most users don't check FAQs. If they do, their buying process is interrupted. Users start losing patience in 6 seconds. 24/7 live chat requires 5 or more dedicated agents. The chatbot answers customer questions based on your FAQs.

24/7 instant answers
No interruption of buying process
Self-learning AI - No need to train it!

Engage your customers

Help Customers

Find what they want. Give answers they need. Offer them support, help and assistance.
Simple and easy to use!

Nudge them to buy

Nudge customers to explore your website and act as you want, e.g. go to checkout.
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Customer loyalty

Increase lifetime value with continuous engagement so customers return time and again.
Dedicated customer support.

Rated the best conversational artificial intelligence platform & e-commerce
application by Capterra Gartner

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