Market Research

Our experienced team are trained to carry out highly accurate market research projects for your company.

We use a suitable range of media appropriate to each specific project to match your budget and goals, including telephone, postal and online surveys.  Covering both business and consumer projects, we can tailor your project to achieve successful and accurate results.

Serendipity Sales Solutions offers a full range of services from identifying market research requirements and designing a suitable campaign, through to implementation and reporting findings with statistics.

• Market Research
• Consumer and Business to Business
• Offline and online survey design
• Customer Satisfaction & Staff Surveys
• Service or Product Brand Questionnaires



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Market research benefits

Information gained through market research is essential information
that can guide your most important strategic business decisions.
Market research is effective in finding your customers needs, offering
a new product or service and improving existing products or services.

Here are some of the benefits:

• Discover more about your current and potential customers
• Identify opportunities in the marketplace
• Make market led decisions
• Match products or services to the requirements of your market
• Enable product ideas to be tested